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Customized In-Home Speech Therapy

Dignity Speech offers catered skilled intervention based on where you or your loved one are in their life. 

Interventions fall within the scope of Speech-Language Pathology practice and are considered skilled services.  Treatment plans are developed with the client and their families. 


Helping You Recover Further

What are rehabilitation services? 

Rehabilitation is a systematic treatment aimed to restore or recover function after an acute illness. 

Who would benefit from rehab services?

Rehab services can be beneficial for individuals who have suffered an acute medical change, such as a stroke, head injury, respiratory illness, or mental status change, and may have been initiated during a hospital or skilled nursing stay. 

How can we help you?    Dignity Speech provides outpatient speech therapy in your own home so you do not have to worry about transportation or access.  Our mobile therapy model leads to higher attendance, increased participation, and faster outcomes. 


Taking Care of You

What are habilitation services?  

Habilitation aims to improve functional abilities that are hindered or reduced by the progression of dementia (like Alzheimer’s) or neuro-progressive illness (like Parkinson’s Disease) by emphasizing capabilities versus inabilities.

Who would benefit from habilitative services?  Habilitative speech therapy is beneficial for individuals who have increased frustrations, are withdrawing from social situations, or are showing communication-related adverse behaviors. 

How can we help you?  Dignity Speech will help identify your or your loved one's current level of function, design a treatment plan that promotes ability and quality of life, and provide support in planning for the future. 

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