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Companion Care Services

A qualified, trained companion can bridge the gap between the end of a skilled rehab program and the transition into the home.  Companion services promote stability and reduce the rate of backsliding often experienced at the end of a skilled program.

What Are Companion Services?

When a skilled rehab program ends, the client and their family are frequently left feeling unsure of what to do next.  Dignity Speech's Companion Care is an hourly private care service aimed at helping you or your loved one use the skills learned during rehab in day-to-day activities. 

Companion care: 

- Reduces the amount of backsliding into old routines or habits 

- Increases opportunities for cognitive and social stimulation

- Improves safety and stability in the home

- Reduces risk for depression, withdrawal, and isolation

- Reduces family and caregiver burden

- Promotes quality interactions and engagement

- Improves well-being and mood

Why Hire a Dignity Speech Clinician as a Companion?

Dignity Speech Companion Care offers the expertise of a trained clinician in a carryover or maintenance role to help the client and their families use learned skills.  Services also help monitor for changes in status that may warrant further skilled intervention or medical attention.  

Dignity Speech Companions:  

-  Effectively apply clinical recommendations to daily activities

-  Understand medical conditions that impact communication and function

-  Communicate clearly and effectively

-  Recognize medical, psychosocial, safety, and/or well-being needs

-  Understand medical comorbidities and medication interactions, and the implications of both 

-  Demonstrate high integrity for adhering to ethical standards

-  Practice of HIPAA privacy protocols

-  Provide basic-Life Support/CPR and/or simple first aid

Dignity Speech Companion Services May Include:

- Enjoyable activities of preference (reading, games, puzzles, art, or music related)

- Opportunities to connect with family and friends (phone calls, Zoom, FaceTime)

- Social conversation 

- Local approved outings (shopping trips, coffee, lunch)

- Fresh air opportunities and walks 

- Assistance with light meal/snack prep and light housekeeping (dishes, tidying)

- Client advocacy and referrals

- Client, family, and caregiver emotional support

- Guidance with residential decision making

- Identification of community resources

Dignity Speech Companion Services DO NOT Include:

-  Nursing care, such as (but not limited to) medication management or administration, taking or monitoring vital signs, wound care, or direct care for ADLs (washing/bathing, toileting, dressing, etc). 

-  Housekeeping work beyond light tidying

-  Personal shopping or personal errands

-  Skilled Speech-Language Pathology Therapy Services (referrals can be made here)

Booking and Cost

1-hour minimum required, followed by billing on the ½ hour increments.  

A travel fee may be applied.   Contact us for further details. 

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