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Habilitation Services

Therapy techniques focused on enhancing and maximizing ability and quality of life 

Individuals with neuro-progressive diseases, such as Alzheimer's and other dementias, MS, and Parkinson’s, or those with a history of stroke, are more likely to have an exacerbation of difficulty as they age.  This may result in withdrawal from familiar activities, increased risk for isolation and depression, medical complications, safety issues, and faster decline.  

Swallowing difficulties not promptly and properly addressed may result in choking, aspiration, pneumonia, or unintended weight loss, and in some cases, mortality.

Neurologic diseases often follow a common pattern of progression.  Early identification and intervention are an integral part of keeping you or your loved one safe and appropriately supported.

Expressive and Receptive Language

- Comprehension and language processing

- Verbal expression and thought formation 

- Word-finding techniques (due to aphasia)

- Nonverbal communication (gestures, picture books, adaptive technology)

- Client and family training and education


Attention training

- Memory enhancement

- Safety and simple problem solving

- Identification of strengths and areas at risk for further decline

- Client and family training and education


- Oral sensation training

- Chewing and swallowing efficiency

- Solid and liquid modifications

- Improve airway protection and reduce aspiration risk

- Safe food choices and quality of life
- Client and family education

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