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New Year, New VIEW: How to talk to yourself, how to care for yourself, how to challenge yourself

Dignity Speech is excited to share this guest post from an amazing colleague, friend, and generally wonderful human, Pamela Moriarty, MS, RD, LDN (Registered Dietitian | Personal Trainer |she/her). Follow her on IG @desird_health for more healthy tips and tricks.

Here we are again, “new year, new you” right?

🤷🏼‍♀️BUT, why tho? There is NOTHING wrong with the old you.

‼️This is often a marketing tactic for the newest cleanse or the diet that “is a lifestyle” but instead of 💩💩ing on that, let’s talk about the core at all of this targeted marketing-


➡️So, let’s shift the focus back there. I mean, if everyone else is so focused on what you should be doing, why not have you focus on what you ARE and WILL BE doing. What does 2023 “you” look like?

💜I encourage you to take a different approach this year in how you shape your goal list and focus on things that can improve how YOU feel about yourself. For me, I want to feel:

✅More in the know both in my practice AND life

✅Stronger in body and mind

✅Creative in more aspects of my life

Next step is to list steps to how I can feel that way. So for me, that looks like:

✅Reading 3-4 studies per week ( is a good place to start, if you want to increase your nutrition knowledge as well!)

✅Balancing weight training/running 4-5d/wk with set rest & “restore” days to allow for creative projects or meditation/rest

✅Trying 2 recipes a month

Also, make sure to keep the kindness in this list, and allow yourself some flexibility if it doesn’t go perfectly some weeks- it's ok. We are forever a work in progress in that our biggest fan & competitor is ourselves. We don’t lack “willpower” or “discipline”- we are just people that have 💩 that gets in the way sometimes.

So, be kind & take those steps one at a time. And if it's not feeling like a good time to set new goals, that’s also totally fine.

It's time we claim the care we deserve💕

💜Let’s start the new year with a happy heart💜

Pamela Moriarty, MS, RD, LDN (Registered Dietitian | Personal Trainer |she/her) 🌟RD/Trainer @ A Healthy Balance, Inc🌟 💜 Helping people nourish their body & mind 💙 Practice makes progress.🙌🏼

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